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In Southern California water prices have reached historic highs and are continuing to rise. Many communities have experienced a 50% increase in rates while others have even surpassed 100%, (Makes even Seattle weather sound good to us Southern Californians). Water conservation is no longer the chatter of just environmentalists but something we’re all forced to seriously consider.

However, Synthetic turf conversion doesn’t stop with just water considerations:

Did you know? : The average lawn mower and gas powered blower/edger produce more pollution than a standard family car over the course of a year !! (Wow, they’re noisy too!!! It’s just not a good time to be declared a lawn maintenance appliance!) Furthermore synthetic grass fibers are made with a percentage of recycled materials and are recyclable at the end of the turf lifespan (20 -25 years).

Residential Synthetic Turf and Drought Tolerant landscaping are two systems than can be successfully integrated to significantly reduce your personal water footprint and associated cost. Additionally They’ll also actually pay for themselves over time. Conservation and cost recapture combined with enhanced aesthetic appeal and increased property value render artificial grass a solution without equal.

We invite you to Click on the additional pictures you’ll find on our site for ideas and information. With over 14 years in this business and 4 million sq ft of artificial turf installed Hunny Do is ready and able to assist you in converting your existing water hungry lawn into a beautiful, economic home improvement that will garner the raves of friends and family, (assuming you want their Raves! If not change your phone number and get caller ID!). Give us a call today!! (760-949-7939).

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