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Ok Hunny Do let’s get down to it!! HOW MUCH IS TURF GOING TO COST ME?

That’s a fair question but also one that’s difficult to answer in one broad brush stroke. There is such a myriad of variables that go into turf projects that it is impossible for us to provide accurate pricing without doing a site inspection and measurements.

However in an attempt not to seem evasive with our response the following is offered:

We have in a very wide variety of turf types and styles to choose from.

The price range for turf inclusive of full installation services is $6.95 – $12.50 per sq ft. and includes:

  1. Demo and removal of existing grass
  2. Minor grade alterations that may be required
  3. Installation and compaction of 2” – 3” of aggregate rock base, (for drainage).
  4. Capping of any sprinkler heads as necessary
  5. Installation of single layer Weed Barrier
  6. Installation of Artificial Turf
  7. Application and Spreading of infill

** It should be noted that in compliment to final pricing, rebates, (from various municipalities) and/or discounts, (from manufacturers or distributors) may be available depending on the turf type selected and property address of the project. Furthermore here at Hunny Do we run frequent specials that we would be happy to discuss with you when the final project is agreed upon.

Though Artificial Turf is offered with many options a few fundamentals universally affect price as follows:


  • Turf Weight is a measure of the amount of materials used in making the turf.
  • Higher Turf Weights are associated with a greater amount of material in the turf. Thus, the more your turf will cost you.
  • Higher Turf Weights are usually associated with a greater number of blades per square foot as well as longer blades.
  • Higher Turf Weights result in more dense grass.
  • Higher turf weights are not necessarily superior for all applications.
  • Mid and lighter face weights are great for lower to moderate use purposes.


Urethane Backing is the black coating on the underside of artificial turf. Turf incorporating this feature is more expensive than turf with latex backing.


The quantity of turf being considered may also influence price do simply to the economy of scale. Periodically Hunny Do receives certain manufacturer discounts based on volume. These discounts can then be extended to our customers to help bring costs down.


The engineered blade designs of today’s best turf incorporate a structure that assists in ensuring the blades remain more vertical while improving the durability and longevity of the product. This same technology also eliminates the need to support the blades with messy, hot crumb rubber that is commonly used on sports fields. The elimination of crumb rubber can reduce heat in the summer in excess of 20 degrees!

Hunny Do is committed to providing the highest quality turf products available at a fair and competitive price. Give us a call today and experience the Hunny Do difference.

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