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Not all Synthetic Grass is created equal. Aesthetics and function can vary greatly. While appearance is a personal preference, functionality is factual. We would like to point out here that wear and tear are NOT covered by manufacturers warranties, (tell the local rugby team they’ll have to get hurt somewhere else!) so making an informed choice is critical to your long term enjoyment of the turf.

If you’re like most people in the age of technology, (we like to think this includes us!) you surf the net for hours on end before making any significant purchase. You print out countless pages of information; Save more websites than Google on New Year’s and in the end generally find yourself more confused than certain. In an effort to help save you at least a little time in that process we offer the following fact:

In reality there are only 5 actual turf manufacturers in the entire USA. There is a lot of private labeling in the turf industry but in the end the hundreds of varieties characterized by a multitude of different names all call from 5 manufacturers. Though there also a handful of factories overseas Hunny Do is proud to be a factory direct buyer of 100% US A made turf

After manufacturer the comparison becomes one of 1) Color, 2) Blade Structure and 3) Backing/ Fiber Density. Though you could drive yourself internet crazy with these subjects we’d like to save you that frustration by sharing a few basic considerations that will greatly condense the information.

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