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When it comes to Artificial Turf maximum aesthetic appeal and maximum functionality are achieved through proper site preparation and installation. A person can select the most expensive turf on the market but without the proper prep work and installation the final result will be a bitter disappointment.

Simply stated there are just no shortcuts to doing things correctly. Too many times we have been contacted to repair or replace turf that was incorrectly installed by a well meaning friend or gardener.

In fact many people are not aware that the California State Contractor Licensing Board actually issues a specific Synthetic Grass License that requires a company prove a minimum of four years experience in Synthetic Grass Installation. Designated as a C61/D12 license, It is something that Hunny Do has held since 2003, (Lic# 828089). We invite you to validate this information for yourself at the following website: CSLB Simply type our license number in the appropriate field and the information will pop up for your review. (Suggestion -- Licensing information is something you should validate with any turf contractor you are considering).

The fact is there are no shortcuts. We’re so confident in this statement that when artificial turf is installed to our standards and approved methods we issue a lifetime material warranty and 2 year installation/labor warranty.

Factors Affecting Installation

  • Ground Stabilization
  • Drainage Requirements
  • Critter Damage Control
  • Weed Control
  • Access
  • Creative Edge Finish
  • Artificial Grass Thatch Direction
  • Wear and Tear - Children, Pets, Sports and Events
  • Security and Durability
  • Pet Odor Control

Installation Procedures

Though here at Hunny Do we advocate the use of trained, certified installers there are always a few intrepid individuals that wish to tackle the task on their own. In regard thereto Hunny Do is happy to simply provide the turf and all installation materials.

Following is an abbreviated summary of the procedures for self installation. Please note that these instructions are for general landscape only and not intended for sports fields. For information on sports field installation contact us directly.

Excavation (Preparing for your base)

1. Clear any existing grass or vegetation in the subject turf area. This is a good time to spray a hearty weed killer on the subject area. As step #4 addresses installing a weed barrier applying an extermination spray prior to that step will further protect against future weeds.

2. After excavation apply crushed stone aggregate or decomposed granite. You can purchase this at your local rock yard or building supply warehouse.

3. Once the crushed stone is applied, a plate compactor or water sod roller should be used to even out the surface, (NOTE: It is important to note that the turf will be applied on top of this crushed stone base, therefore any undulation on the surface will be visible once the turf has been applied). It is also important to note that this crushed stone layer will enhance the drainage properties of the system. Drainage is further enhanced through the inclusion of a slight slope to the subject area.

4. After compaction a weed barrier, (3 oz minimum) should be installed and can be purchased at most local hardware stores. Weed barrier is secured to the aggregate base with Landscape Staples. It should be noted here that if the subject area is experiencing gopher activity a layer of gopher wire should be installed on top of the weed barrier.

This completes the preparation of your base.

5. After the base has been properly prepared it’s time to position the turf for installation. It is important to position the turf with the grass blades all facing the same direction. This will insure that seems match up properly.

6. Cut the turf following the natural contour of the subject area. Cuts can be made using a standard carpet or box knife. All cuts should be made to ensure that the fewest number of turf pieces are utilized. Wherever seams are required Hunny Do recommends utilizing 4"-6" indoor / outdoor carpet seaming tape or 6” landscape staples.

7. Once all cuts are made and properly aligned it is time to attach the turf to the base. Attachment is facilitated through the utilization of 6" galvanized nails. The nails should be positioned 1/2" to 1" from the turf edge and spaced every 4" to 6" along the turf perimeter. Hunny Do suggests starting on one side of the subject area so the turf can be pulled tight from the opposite side. Final attachment is completed when the entire perimeter has been nailed according to the afore referenced instructions.

This completes the attachment of the turf to the base and it’s now time for finishing touches.

8. After attachment the turf is next prepared for the application of infill. Preparation is accomplished by “Fluffing” the turf utilizing a power broom or plastic rake.

9. The final step is the application of infill. Infill is important as it facilitates the turf blades remaining separated and more erect. It also enhances drainage through the perforated holes on the base side of the turf as well as protects the top of the backing and thatching from natural elements. Hunny Do recommends using approximately 1- 2 lbs of infill per square foot of turf. Infill should be evenly applied across the surface of the turf utilizing a drop spreader. If a drop spreader is not available infill can be applied by hand.

Infill comes in a variety of options. For specific recommendations please contact us directly. If pets are a consideration Hunny Do recommends infill characterized by a Zeolite based Artificial Turf deodorizer. Doing so will assist in controlling urine odors.

10. After the infill has been applied a soft to medium bristled push broom should be used to work the material down into the turf. Continue working with the push broom until the turf begins to stand upright. NOTE: The push broom should be utilized against the grain of the turf. This facilitates the infill working its way to the base of the blades correctly. . Infill is a “One Time” process and if properly maintained will last for the life of the turf.


These 10 simple steps will result in a lawn that is always green and beautiful! If desired, you can add rocks, fencing, foliage or lights to enhance the look and feel of your new artificial lawn.

As always don’t hesitate to contact us should you have questions. (877) 698-8734

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