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While the maintenance of synthetic grass is quite simple there are certain basics that should be practiced to ensure the lasting beauty of your lawn. Perhaps the best perspective you can adopt is to consider your turf as an extension of your patio or walkway.

While typical debris such as leaves and twigs won’t damage the turf it’s suggested that you utilize a blower or turf grooming rake, (conveniently we have those available in our on-line store) to clear said debris. A leaf vacuum can also sometimes be used but we find many people use them incorrectly. They press far too hard into the blades of the turf and end up with a bag full of infill, (it’s like they’re trying to extract the last remnant of Cheerios from the carpet beneath Junior’s high chair). Remember you’re trying to remove surface debris only! So ease up on the “Guns” you’ve worked so hard on at 24 hr fitness and treat your leaf vacuum to a wispy ballroom dance, (you and the vacuum will grow closer and it’s good entertainment for your spouse when peeking through the blinds).

Important Tip: NEVER, (that means not in infinity!) use a metal rake on the turf. We don’t need to elaborate on this because “Infinity” is an important word.

At Hunny Do we believe that when it comes to artificial turf maintenance there is no substitute for periodically rinsing your turf as you would a patio or walkway. In compliment thereto if you have pets you will have Drop Zones”. Defined as areas where upon they take liberties with their bowel movements. Not to worry though, it will not harm the turf.

Though the “Turd” will not tarnish the turf, its odor will offend the olfactory orifice, (in regular English that means it will STINK!).

In remedy thereto Simple Green makes a great product aptly labeled “Turf Cleaner for Pets”. It is a completely safe non-toxic active enzyme cleaner that sanitizes turf and smells wonderful, (at least compared to the odor it’s replacing!). It’s inexpensive and comes complete with a hose attachment. More stubborn stains can be removed with a stronger solution of regular non-toxic Simple Green Degreaser.

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