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A little history about turf

Synthetic grass was first introduced in the 1950s as an alternative to other recreational surfaces that would provide a year round soft, safe and supportive interface requiring less maintenance. However it wasn’t too long before complaints surrounding texture and durability began to surface and the whole industry was relegated to “Fad” status.

Today it's a whole different story. Exponential increases in technology resulting in greatly improved raw materials and processes have rectified the prior issues and brought about a very robust industry characterized by an unprecedented realistic product. Often times it is only upon very close scrutiny that a difference can be ascertained between natural and artificial turf.

Technology continues to advance in conjunction with conservation issues as related to water shortages, pesticide use and environmentally unfriendly landscape maintenance equipment and machinery.

Interestingly enough consumer lifestyle preferences have also spurred a popularity in Artificial turf. With increasing work pressures and time constraints many people no longer wish to spend a disproportionate amount of weekend time on lawn care and maintenance; choosing rather to spend that same time on recreation or with family and friends. Artificial turf encourages those preferences while still satisfying vanity issues with a lawn that is always green, beautiful and well manicured.

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