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Artificial Grass Nails & Seaming Staples
These 6" long high quality EG artificial grass nails used to nail down any type of artificial grass products. Sleek design to easily protrudes through the toughest dirt. 50 pieces covers approximately 70 sq ft @ 6" apart.

Directions for use:

  • Pull the fibers of the turf about half an inch from the edge to expose the backing.
  • Nail using smooth faced hammer down to top of fiber material.
        (Do not hammer all the way down)
  • Use another nail to hold the fiber material away from the head of the nail you are hammering.
  • Continue hammering original nail down just until the head touches the backing of the turf. If you hammer more than you need to, the turf will have dimples and will show in the final installation.
  • Use a nail length to determine the distance to the next area to nail.
50 piece 6" long EG Nails
Artificial Grass Nails
Artificial Grass Seaming Staples
Seaming Staples can help tack down underlying fabrics and help to secure seams and edges. Seaming Staples measure 6"x1"x6", are made of steel and have a flat top. Staples can be purchased in increments of 50, 250, and 1000.
When seaming, use every 4" for maximum strenght. Bag of 50 staples will cover a 15 foot seam.

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Free Ground Shipping
Availability: In stock
PRODUCT: 6" 60D Electro-Galvanized Artificial Grass Nails,
8 Gauge (0.162)" nail, 7/16" Head, 50 Piece Price/Bag.

QUANTITY: 50 pieces

Up to 50 Lb. Box. About 27 nails / lb., 1330 to 1350 per box.

48 Boxes / pallet. Order full pallets for discounts.

ASTM F1667-03 and FFN-105B.
Serving So. Calif