Stihl Power Broom  (USED CONDITION)

Used to fluff artificial turf fibers back to original state.

Since it is against Stihls policy to sell New Stihls online.Our installers use the stihls for a few weeks then
service them and sell them here. It is not against Stihl's Policy to sell used power brooms online.


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The Stihl MM 55 is the best power broom available. It is an essential tool for installing synthetic turf.
This machine makes it quick and easy to brush in infill over large areas of synthetic lawn.
It is also great for maintaining a fresh look all year!

• Includes KB-MM Bristle Brush
• Powered by STIHL HomeScaper Series™ engine
• Convenient throttle/start/run/stop controls built into the handle
• Compact, balanced, streamlined and ergonomic handles make it easy to operate
• Handles fold for easy transport and storage
• Carry handle makes it well balanced and easy to transport

Cal Lic# 828089
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                 Artificial Grass Broom - 18"

This grooming rake is used by more professional cleaners than any other!

The Artificial Grass Broom is a versatile tool that can be used for bringing turf back to upright condition in heavy traffic areas where walkways and dogs tend to travel the most. 

The Broom is the cutting a new path in artificial turf installation.

Built to withstand the rigors of professional use, this broom is the ideal tool for blooming artificial grass.

The Artificial Grass Broom's long nylon tines reach deep into the fibers of any type of artificial grass and pull the blades upright
to provide a maximum bloom. Using short strokes over the area, this brooom quickly works with any type of infill
material in between the blades.

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$27.99 each  plus shipping & handling
Picture Shown is a New Stihl
Picture Shown is a 2 month old used Stihl

Item will be inspected & repaired with new air filter if needed. Gas will be removed before shipment -  Use Stihl 2 Cycle Oil Only with 87 octane

No Returns on used items
Reg Price new $699.99
Buy used and Save up to $250
2 Month old - $459.99 USD
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Video on our used machine
Out of Stock
Used One Day Old
1 Month or older - $499.99 USD
Please allow up to 2 weeks delivery
to service, clean and remove liquids for shipping.